Wednesday, July 29, 2009

She Came In Through The Kitchen Window...

"Yeah, I could eat a horse..." - Rey Guevara, at the Mexico City earthquake, 1985

By Patrick Alcatraz

McALLEN, Texas - So, I'm having a bummer of a humpday when things turn gorgeously interesting: city police find a body in a shallow ravine a block from where I sleep, which excites me. And then my friend Carrie calls out of the real blue to say, yes, she'll take me out to lunch. The body can go to Hell (cops say it was a young, tattooed dude the killers merely dumped), but, if you know me (me being single and picky), you know of my titanic battles with deciding on what to eat and on where to go get it.

So, thanks to my fawning God for throwing the interesting murder story at my feet...and for making Dear Carrie grab her cellular telephone so that she could call me. What would I do without local crime and local friends?

[She's on her way. I'll finish this later today...]

- 30 -

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