Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Time of Times...

"America where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughters? Don't you know we need you now. We can't fight alone against the monster..." - Steppenwolf, America

By Patrick Alcatraz

McALLEN, Texas - The president of the United States is slated to speak to the country's schoolchildren this coming week in as wicked a moment-in-time as we've ever known. Suddenly, if one is to believe the racist, segregationist Republicans, America's children are in danger of being brainwashed by the president. The president! Do they mean brain-washing like what George W. Bush visited on them when he attacked Iraq? Can there be another example of disconnect better suited for these insipid citizens out to, Hell, simply be contrarian? I reel at the idea that these suddenly fearful Americans are going to bed thinking all is lost in their once-proud world. Where were these dumbasses when their own "leader" George W. Bush was speaking to children in Florida while New York City was being attacked? Yeah, where were these spineless Sonsabitches when Bush was sending soldiers to die - and kill at will - in Iraq for nothing?

These Americans need to be told they really should get with the national program. Their self-serving fights against the Democrats - immigration, health care, Justice Sotomayor - paint them as the worst of losers, stupid rabble-rousers. And to think that I served for this gang of infidels in the military. Shit, yeah Shit!, most of these fuckers never even served this great land: not Bush, not Karl Rove, not Dick "The Creep" Cheney, not Rush Limbaugh, not Glenn Beck! No, these shitbags have done nothing but mess the landscape and scream against people who are doing something. Doing something!

The noise against health care is so right-wing that it really is comical more than it is credible. All Americans are hurting. They may be the poorest and the dispossessed, but they are Americans - just like these same cocksuckers who hide behind laughable tea bag parties and the like. I say, Fuck'em! They had their ride during the eight years George W. Bush raped the national treasury by undertaking an unjust war that conveniently lined the pockets of his and Cheney's pals at Halliburton. May those two motherfuckers rot in Hell for as many years as the number of young GIs who died for their bullshit.

We live in strange times when most citizens are working their asses off trying to meet monthly bills and mounting debt. Who's got time to tea bag? When a president makes it his job to bring some of the war money home, when the time says perhaps it's time to help our own, when dreams are hatched to rebuild our roads and bridges and infrastructure, these Goddamned Republican fuckheads rise to scream a chorus of nonsense. If it isn't questioning the president's birth certificate, it's his inviting of "too many" Blacks to the White House. If it isn't a gang of Maalox-addicted, blue-haired Assholes arriving at these quirky Town Hall meetings to yell and soil the air, it is constipated Right-Wing television pundits spurting shit they should've said about GW Bush, but never did.

There are a number of Americans who see something ending just because Barack Obama has now been elected president. America will never the same again, they say. What these same Americans would want is a return to Yesterday, when drug store counters were closed to Blacks and Browns and Reds and Yellows, when local fire department hoses were quickly aimed at protesters who wondered why city swimming pools and barber shops, as happened in Corpus Christi around here, were closed to the same Blacks and Browns.

I'm through with that shit.

This morning, on some TV talk show, the former governor of Minnesota - Tim Pawlenty - was asked why he was so opposed to schoolchildren listening to the president's speech next week. Pawlenty, said to be a potential GOP candidate for the presidency in 2012, said the speech would be "disruptive" because it would come on the first day of school, when students are busy finding their classrooms, the principal's office and the cafeteria. If that isn't lame, then lame is not a word. Fuck Pawlenty and his ilk. Where was he when Republican Ronald Ray-Gun addressed the schoolchildren of his time? He was no doubt telling his neighbors how good he felt to be an American with Dutch in the White House. Dutch Reagan! He served the military as an "actor," never in combat, but always there for the propaganda filmstrips. Fuck Reagan!

So, let's get over the "united" dogshit to do with our country's name. We're not united and really never have been. Always, certain segments of our multi-ethnic population have been purposely ostracized. Japanese-Americans (citizens!) were marched to internment camps during WW II, but not German-Americans or Italian-Americans, the other two nationalities in the then-Axis of Evil. Whites loved it when Blacks and Browns were the coonhounds of the neighborhood. They hate it now that they feel a certain distance from the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation's capital. I could feel their pain, but won't.

Fuck Republicans, and then fuck them again...

Obama wants to help Americans and not go kill foreigners...Jesus, what a fuckin' novel undertaking...

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