Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Save A Life...

"If you cannot work on the marriage or the woman is a moron, staying married and cheating makes the most sense because divorce is disruptive to the family life and your bank account..." - Al Goldstein

By Patrick Alcatraz

WEST FORT WORTH, Texas - When I was married, my friends would ask why I saw the need to cheat on my wife, especially since she was an attractive chick. The love I felt for her was real. Much of what happened fell in the category of sex-of-opportunity; that is, my travels often threw me up against women at a bar, a conference, or at an airport. One wink led to a drink and that drink led to something else. Eh, it didn't mean much, just another broad on the road. So, when my wife asked for the divorce, I did not fight it. She deserved to do whatever else she wanted to do with her life, was my feeling. I believe she's happy with the decision. Me? I endure my failings in my own crazy way.

Recently, a good friend let-on that he was having problems with his wife's disinterest in sex. It's not a new story for Today's Man. Many of them are living lives of sexual desperation, working their asses off to pay the bills and going home to be ignored. My marriage never saw any of that. I never prepared my own dinner and I never was told to go masturbate myself. My then-wife and I enjoyed sex, especially during a thunderstorm. Those sessions lasted for hours, forever a series of creative couplings and endless stroking. It is a huge part of being alive. My friend works like a dog, eats at fast-food joints, tends to the kids, makes his own sandwiches, and hits the sack knowing he won't be having his cock sucked or seeing the low back of his wife moving toward him and away from him during those oh-so gorgeous thrustings. I wasn't being asked for advice, but I did ask him what he was saying to his old lady. He said: "I want my wife back," that's what I tell her.

It isn't working, so I suggested he let-go of the intellectual approach and spell it out to her in clear words, something like, "I've had a long day at work, and what I really want for dinner, honeybuns, is to give you a good fucking." He says that sort of lingo will never work with his good wife.

I disagree: There are times in every woman's heart when she wants to be treated like a prostitute, when she wants to hear the lingo of the gutter, when she wants to be balled in new places, when she wants to be taken into the darkest part of the scary forest, when she wants her man to know, to show her, that he knows she is a woman. My friend said he was horny enough to try it.

I suspect he will get the fucking of his life...

- 30 -

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