Friday, June 26, 2009

And Then He Was Gone...

" may leave here for four days in space, but when you return it's the same old place." - Barry McGuire

By Patrick Alcatraz

McAllen, Texas - Someone famous once told someone a bit less famous that you really couldn't write about your neighborhood until you'd been elsewhere in the world. We've always believed that, and have generally lived by the sage advice. So, we'll again be away for a spell. Hopefully, the stories we file for this outlet will be of interest, or at the very least not boring. Vignettes from the road. Think of it that way. First stop is Big D and then it's on to the Big Apple, where my first duty will be a loving reunion with my daughter, Gabrielle. It's been a while since I've seen her, although we talk or text or email daily. Her Mom is off to finish a Masters program in Spain. I'll be sitting her apartment in this deal, which is a nice post-Father's Day gift. Thirty-first floor of some nice, old brownstone building, doorman and the like. In any case, feel free to enjoy yourselves while I'm gone. I'll be back with renewed vigor, for sure. So long, and thanks for all the nachos...
- 30 -

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