Saturday, August 22, 2009

NEWS BRIEF: Drugged-Out In Taco Town...

By Ron Mexico

REYNOSA, Mexico - Hey,yeah, not to totally alarm you but drugs are now legal in El Mexico, okay? Here's how much you can carry, in public! (see photo of cache above) For "personal use," Dr. Gonzo: The maximum amount of marijuana for "personal use" under the new law is 5 grams - the equivalent of about four joints. You laboring sodbusters can now replace those cheap ballpoint pens in your cheap, Mervyn's shirt pockets with the above-mentioned joints. The limit is a half-gram for cocaine, the equivalent of about 4 "lines." (two for you and two for sex-starved Lola) For other drugs, the limits are 50 milligrams of heroin, 40 milligrams for methamphetamine and 0.015 milligrams for LSD. Oh, and you can still get all the broads you want. So long, ahem, as you have the cash - dollars, of course. Mexico is my Disneyland...
- 30 -

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