Monday, August 24, 2009

Of Place and Representation....

"I know about dreams, Julia. Didn't I wanna ride with the Younger Gang and they wouldn't have me? Muh feelings was hurt, but I 'cepted it..." - Jack Nicholson, Goin' South

By Patrick Alcatraz

McALLEN, Texas - You'd think that border politics, wild and predictable as they are, would be all you'd have to say. Still, this morning's edition of The McAllen Monitor backed into the fray associated with the ongoing national health care debate and, in particular, with the inaction of local Democratic Congressman Ruben Hinojosa. We do not know Hinojosa, but we agree with The Monitor on its point that Ruben should not have run from the idea of holding a Town Hall meeting allowing locals to participate in the white-hot national dialogue. Hinojosa should do it. He is not The Decider in this. But, worse than that, he comes across as a cowardly politician unwilling to defend his position on the issue. What's to be afraid of a little noise?

The Monitor backs into its call for action from the popular Democrat by noting that this particular health care proposal, nebulous as it is at present, "goes far beyond the scope of duties the country's founders ever imagined when they designed our system of government." That is laughable, hyperbole at the top of an air-conditioned newsroom keyboard - easy to barf, in other words. Worse yet, the editorial in The Monitor is of the unsigned variety - yet another stab at trying to make a serious point, but losing ground while doing it anonymously.

The Monitor should go after Hinojosa, yet it should do it with the name of peripatetic Editor Steve Fagan or reclusive Publisher M. Olaf Frandsen attached to it. Taking a shot at someone from behind the mask of anonymity waters down the criticism. Something is lost, and that something lets Hinojosa off the hook.

Hinojosa seems to believe that he is the elected official and his constituency the coon hound to be tended at arm's length. He is wrong. Hinojosa should schedule a Town Hall meeting as soon as possible. Perhaps he feels he'll only get noisy & stupid Republican Tea Baggers at the session. Maybe he's told himself he doesn't need the grief. But what's left behind as well is that he comes across as being fearful of facing ornery Old White people interested in a public fight.

If he can't handle it, Hinojosa should resign.

This guy's idea of representation is pathetic and damned embarrassing...

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